Do you or your employees need a remote office solution immediately?

We have you covered… Our solutions are the most secure and can be billed monthly. Whether you need remote hosting or virtual cloud compute. We specialize in highly secured VPN RDP or Remote Access, with Office365 and VoIP integration.

If you need help setting up virtual meetings, gaining remote access to your office or existing resources, please do not hesitate to reach out, we can deploy this effectively and efficiently with minimal costs.


EasyAs123.IT works closely with the Health Region. As you know the governments CDC and Public Health Agency of Canada are now strongly recommending minimizing exposure in the workplace and in some cases are forbidding employees in the workplace.


We have successfully migrated our clients to the cloud and securely implemented remote access.

Our customers run on the fastest and most secure platform available in today’s market, they are enabled and prepared to work remotely and handle the most difficult of circumstances.

Are you and your employee’s setup and secured for remote access with your business? What if tomorrow they are required to work remotely?

We also provide Readiness Assessment Tools for MSPs to coach and better support their clients.


  • Remote work allows your company to recruit the best candidates for the job regardless of location, to save money on office overhead, to manage with a focus on productivity rather than “face time”, to support a better work-life fit for your team, and the list goes on.
  • We purchase the best of the best in the now so that you have the edge. The securest of the secure and the fastest of the fast is at your fingertips. We are so confident we will match and beat any apples to appals quote or comparison.
  • Remote work is extremely important to your business model! … That means we get the flexibility of employing the best person for any position regardless of where they are, which in turn means we can create a better product and grow a more successful business.
  • We have been in business since 1999. We can help you determine the best tools for your business.
  • As a bonus, we are giving 60 days free security services for remote workers including our full security stack.

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The BEST of the BEST for you !

Have a look at some of our offerings that will give your business the upper edge! EasyAs123.IT is always keen to find new challenges in the world industry and transform it into solutions for our clients.

At EasyAs123.IT, there are 7 Key areas that drive our guiding principles:

  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Learning from experience
  • Designing and delivering a coherent capability
  • Adding value
  • Focusing on benefits and threats to them
  • Envisioning and communicating a better future
  • Leading change


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